SAVAGE Seamless Paper Background 1.35 x 11m in 4 Colors


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SAVAGE Seamless Paper Background 1.35 x 11m in 4 Colors

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Dimensions: 1.35 x 11 meter
Material: Paper

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Photograph people and products against a smooth, uncluttered background with Widetone Seamless Background Paper from Savage. To facilitate even lighting, the surface of the paper is non-reflective and has a fine-tooth finish. In addition to photography, the paper may be used for events, decorations, banners, and more. This super white paper is the type used for classic, pure white backgrounds.

The paper density is 100 pounds, or 163 gsm, an easy-to-handle resilient thickness of 7.6 mil, and comes wound on a core with a 2.125" interior diameter. A plastic sleeve protects the roll in transit and can be saved to provide continued protection when the paper is not in use. The paper should be stored vertically to reduce the possibility of warping and other damage. Photographers often use clamps to secure the paper to a backdrop stand as well as tape to secure the paper to the floor if rolled out for full-body shots. The paper is acid-free and 100% recyclable.

Made in USA.

Size: 1.35 x 11 m


Note: Please mention the color name & number in your order, price is for one color only. We can cut the paper to any size you want but price will remain the same.

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