Insta360 GPS Module Kit for Insta360 Pro Camera


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Insta360 GPS Module Kit for Insta360 Pro Camera

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The Insta360 Pro camera is approved by Google to capture Google Street View for Google Maps. The Insta360 GPS Module Kit is what enables the Insta360 Pro to do that. After you capture your street view shots and submit them, Google will select the best version from all those submitted by different users and upload it as their official street view. Google is encouraging this as an alternative to sending their own camera crews all over the world. The Insta360 Pro camera is sold separately.

The GPS Module Kit includes the GPS module with a suction cup and GPS module mount for attaching the module to the top of your vehicle. Your Insta360 Pro camera will need to be mounted near the GPS module using another suction cup car mount, sold separately.

The street view is captured in 8K/5 fps mode and uploaded via the Insta360 Stitcher software. Your footage then gets converted into a series of geo-tagged photos. If approved/selected, they go up on Google Maps and function just like any other Google Street View images.


  • Insta360 GPS Module Kit for Insta360 Pro Camera
  • GPS Module
  • Suction Cup
  • Holder

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