Nodal Ninja M2 Giga Plate Panoramic Head with RD8-II Rotator (F9000)


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Nodal Ninja M2 Giga Plate Panoramic Head with RD8-II Rotator (F9000)

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Weight: 2 kg
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
Material: T6061 Anodized aluminum
Load Capacity: 5 Kg

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Top-of-the-line. This manual pano head is designed for panoramic photography. The M2 Giga, is designed for gigapixel high-resolution imaging using telephoto and super telephoto lenses.
Our unique patented and patent pending design allows precise positive stops of 7.5/5/4/3.75/3/2.5/2/1.5 intervals on the upper rotator, which can be engaged and changed on the fly by simply switching 1 or 2 levers. 

When paired with our Advanced Rotator D8II (precise click stops at 30, 15, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.5, 2), it supports up to 700mm equivalent focal length with camera in landscape orientation, or 550mm equivalent in portrait orientation. Due to the precision of the rotators, each photo can have precise coordinates which help stitchers to quickly align the photos just like photos captured by the high end robotic head. There will be no more stitching issues for a featureless area such as sky or blank wall.

Being a manual pano head, Nodal Ninja Ultimate M2 Giga is much lighter than a robotic pano head for the same load capacity. There is no battery and charger to carry and no worry of the battery running out during a shooting. Due to the intuitive design, M2 Giga can excel a robotic head in terms of speed of capture when a number of photos are less than 600. The rotator indexing can be turned off for free motion, allowing photographers to capture moving elements such as in a sports panorama, or to capture second shots for an area prone to stitching error by change the overlapping region.
Nodal Ninja Ultimate M2 Giga is a pre-assembled unit.

Nodal Ninja Ultimate Modular System is based on Arca Swiss compatible system, the industry standard for high-end photographic support. The M2 is a design with many years of refinement, integrating years of feature wishes from customers. It fills the gap of Nodal Ninja product line for photographers making high-resolution panos or mosaics with super telephoto lenses. Furthermore, it can act as a gimbal arm for smooth rotation of heavy telephoto lenses at its center of gravity.

What's in the Box:

  • M2 Giga Plate
  • RD8-II (F1180)
  • QRC-65 (Lower Rotator Quick Release Clamp)* Jaw length: 65mm (F8325)
  • MFR-210 Double Dovetail (Lower Rail) Length: 210mm (F8150)
  • M2 Upper Compression Lock Rotator
  • MFVR-170C Double Dovetail Vertical Rail with Integral QR Clamp (Vertical Rail) (F8152)
  • QRC-65 (Upper Rotator Quick Release Clamp) * Jaw length: 65mm (F8325)
  • MFR-170 Double Dovetail (Upper Rail) Length: 170mm (F8151)
  • QRC-40A (Upper Rail End Clamp) Jaw length: 40mm (F2100)
  • Case (F8117)


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