GENUS Bravo Deluxe Follow Focus with 0.8 Pitch Gear


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GENUS Bravo Deluxe Follow Focus with 0.8 Pitch Gear

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The Genus Bravo Deluxe Follow Focus System is an upgrade from the G-BFOC Bravo Follow Focus System. It features 2 adjustable end stops, 0.8W Pitch Gear, and gear tension adjustment to prevent backlash. Designed for DSLR cameras, the follow focus can be attached to DSLR rigs by utilizing industry standard 15mm rods.
A 0.8 W Pitch Gear for DSLR is supplied but 0.5 for Canon & Angenieux lenses and 0.6 for Fujinon are also available. The Pitch Gears can be mounted on either side of the gear housing allowing reverse rotation and providing greater flexibility in use with different lenses. In addition to ultra-smooth focus adjustment, a beveled 3D marking disc allows the viewing of the focus marks from different angles, especially useful when working in Shoulder Mount.
Smooth action of the gearbox allows the operator or assistant to pull accurate and repeatable focus. The gear tension can be adjusted if backlash develops. A Flexible Lens Gear is available to cover a wide range of lens diameters. It ensures a perfect match with the Pitch Gear and guarantees a smooth operation.

Four Different size of Pitch Gear available: 0.8W, 0.8, 0.6, 0.5



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