In this category you will find Camera Lenses for popular brands such as Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sigma, Sony, Panasonic and many more.

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    We offer only the best Samyang Lenses for your camera.

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    Best selection of Sony Lenses in Dubai and UAE. We offer Lenses suited for your Sony camera for a good price.

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    Below you will find a wide selection of Canon lenses for all their camera models.

  • Nikon

    At BHM Store we offer and highly recommend the use of Nikon lenses. Nikon has been producing cameras and effective lenses for decades and is one of the strongest players on the market for cameras and lenses.

    Nikon make among other lenses, lenses there are specialized for a variety of purposes. For example make Nikon lenses exact for photographing macro, nature, animals, sports and photos or landscapes. The lenses have their own special features for serving the exact purpose.

    We can at BHM Store supply with the popular VR Nikon lenses, in a lot of different sizes listed below:

    18 – 200 mm

    13 – 300 mm

    55 – 200 mm

    24 – 70 mm

    28 – 300 mm

    55 – 300 mm

    70 – 200 mm

    70 – 300 mm

    24 – 120 mm

    70 – 200 mm

    The lenses sizes which are not VR, are the following:


    35 mm

    50 mm

    85 mm

    105 mm

    14 – 24 mm

    45 mm

    The Nikon lenses are at least as important as the camera. The lenses makes you able to highly raise the quality of your photo and makes you able to be more creative with your photo. Furthermore the Nikon lenses with zoom makes you more flexible and you do not have to change lense if the distance to the objective, you are shooting, moves.

    You can also choose a Nikon Lenses without zoom. With these you obviously can’t zoom, but these Nikon lenses are better in bad light conditions, and you can improve your pictures through that.

    The Different Nikon Lenses

    As described the lenses is just as important as the camera itself. And there a lot of different lenses. First of all there are standard zoom. That I for example cameras which can zoom and shoot from 14-24 mm or 24-70 mm.

    After those there are telezoom or superzoom. These are great for photographing of wildlife or sports activities. These lense can typically stretch from 28-300 mm 55-300 mm 70-300 mm and so on

    Macro lenses are made for taking pictures very close to the object. These lenses are perfect in situations where you want to take shots of flowers, insects and so on.

    Prime lenses differentiate from other lenses by the fact they cannot zoom. This makes the lenses in a high quality condition and cheaper compared to lenses which can zoom. Often these prime Nikon lenses are a good choice for new photographers, because they are forced to be focused and make an effort to make a good picture.

    There are a lot of choices which has to be made, before you buy lense. If you have questions for our Nikon lenses, please feel free to contact us and we will guide you through the wide range of different Nikon lenses. We will guide you based on your preferences for photographing and wishes.

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