SanDisk Professional G-RAID Mirror 2-Bay RAID Array Thunderbolt 3

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  • Massive 36TB capacity to store your biggest projects and precious memories.
  • RAID 1 mirroring for automatic data redundancy, keeping your files safe and sound.
  • Ultra-fast Thunderbolt 3 ⚡ for lightning-quick transfers and seamless workflows.
  • Enterprise-class 7200RPM hard drives for exceptional performance and reliability.
  • Sleek, aluminum design ✨ that complements your workspace.

Take on large, challenging projects with added peace of mind by including the G-RAID Mirror 2-Bay RAID Array from SanDisk Professional in your creative workflow. With its hardware controller and PRO-BLADE SSD Mag slot, this versatile array reliably stores your data while offering high speed and capacity.

Inside the stylish enclosure are 3.5" Ultrastar Enterprise Class 7200 rpm hard drives that are preformatted for macOS APFS and may be reformatted for Windows compatibility. Delivering the reliability needed for backing up massive files, they are preconfigured in RAID 1 mode, which mirrors your content across both drives. That way, you'll have a backup if one drive should fail. However, this also means that you can only work with half the capacity of the array while read and write speeds reach up to 250 MB/s and 240 MB/s, respectively.

If you prefer to work with content directly from the G-RAID Mirror, the hardware-based controller lets you change to RAID 0 mode by flipping the DIP switches located on the rear of the enclosure. Doing so combines both disks into a single volume and splits the data between them, giving you access to the full 24TB capacity while boosting the read performance. But be aware that changing modes will erase the data from the drives.

A dedicated slot allows you to insert a separately purchased PRO-BLADE SSD Mag drive to add storage and transfer data to and from the G-RAID Mirror without increasing its footprint or having to connect a second device to your computer. You can also work with files directly from the PRO-BLADE SSD Mag at speeds of up to 1000 MB/s.

Dual Thunderbolt 3 connectors are available, each providing up to 40 Gb/s transfer speeds with compatible devices. So, copying 300GB of footage would take about a minute. The second port allows you to daisy chain up to five Thunderbolt 3 devices such as additional storage drives and 4K monitors to significantly enhance your workflow.

What's in the Box:

  • SanDisk Professional G-RAID Mirror 2-Bay RAID Array (Thunderbolt 3)
  • Power Adapter & Cable
  • Color-Coded Thunderbolt 3 Cable
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: 210 x 133 x 103 mm
: One Year Manufacturer
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