SmallRig RC 220B Bi-Color LED Monolight (2-Light Kit)

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This RC 220B 2-Light Kit from SmallRig features two RC 220B bi-color LED video lights and includes a V-mount battery adapter plate. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, each light delivers a brightness of 8670 lux at 3.3', and the included hyper-reflectors brightens the output to 84,500 lux per light. The lights are powerful enough to use as key lights, and they also offer nine built-in lighting effects.

SmallRig RC 220B Bi-Color LED Monolight

Portable, with an extremely bright color output, this SmallRig RC 220B Bi-Color LED Monolight is suitable for both still and video work. Filmmakers and photographers with all levels of experience are sure to appreciate its build quality and flexibility. It features a variable color output from 2700 to 6500K for interior, exterior, and mixed light situations. The fixture is more powerful than SmallRig's RC120, easily powerful enough to be used as a key light for narrative productions or for interviews. Using the included hyper reflector creates a beam with an intense center and smooth falloff to the edges. You can steplessly adjust the brightness of the fixture to get exactly the right brightness level.

Power the fixture using the included AC/DC power supply or a user-supplied 14.4V/26V battery with an optional D-Tap to 3-pin XLR power cord. The integrated cooling fan turns on automatically to prevent the light from overheating, and at 30db the fan is quieter than a refrigerator or most whispers. Featuring nine modes for creative lighting, the fixture can be used for a variety of dramatic effects. For adding softboxes and other light diffusing/shaping tools, the fixture is compatible with Bowens light-control accessories. An integrated display screen allows you to see the light's settings at a glance, while for adjustments you can control the light locally or via the SmallGoGo app, which provides wireless control over your fixture from up to 330' away.

The light features a variable color temperature of 2700 to 6500K and has an output of 8670 lux at 3.3'. Utilizing the included hyper reflector will brighten the fixture's output to 84,500 lux.
9 Light Effects
Paparazzi, fireworks, lightning, faulty bulb, TV, breath, flash, party, flame.
Local and SmallGoGo APP control, which can simultaneously control multiple SmallRig lights and achieve extended signal coverage and control distance thanks to the built-in Mesh Bluetooth networking module.
The heat dissipation system turns on when the temperature of the lamp body exceeds 140°F, and is quiet at only 30dB (±2dB) at 3.3'.
Standard Bowens Mount
The fixture features a Bowens mount, so it is fully compatible with a variety of accessories. The yoke has a built-in receiver for an optional umbrella.
The fixture features an XLR power input connecter, so you can power it from a user-supplied 14.4V battery via an optional D-Tap to 3-pin XLR cable from a professional battery (either 14.4 or 26 volts) with a capacity above 150Wh, or from the included 12 to 30 VDC wide-range power supply.
Additional Features
  • Easy to attach or remove lighting accessories with a built-in umbrella hole
  • Barrier-free 270° tilt adjustment
  • A built-in display screen on the fixture shows brightness, power remaining, AC power supply connected, wireless frequency, and FX mode
  • Compact and portable, the fixture comes with a durable storage bag that has a precision-molded insert to hold the light, a standard cover, and a power cable for easy storage and protection during transport
SmallRig V-Mount Battery Plate

Designed to work with your SmallRig COB LED light (either daylight balanced or bi-color), the SmallRig V-Mount Battery Plate provides power to your light from its D-Tap output port. Simply mount the battery plate onto the lightstand supporting your light fixture and connect the included 5.9' long D-Tap to 3-pin XLR power cable to the battery plate and your light fixture for long run times without changing the battery.

What's in the Box:

  • 2 x SmallRig RC 220B Bi-Color LED Monolight
    • Hyper Reflector
    • AC Adapter
    • Power Cable
    • Soft Sided Storage/Carrying Bag
  • SmallRig V-Mount Battery Plate
    • D-Tap to 3-Pin XLR Adapter Cable
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: 2.85 kg
: 24 x 23.76 x 12.2 cm (Fixture)
: One Year Manufacturer
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