Polar Pro DJI Phantom 4 Pro Advanced Cinema Series - Artisan Collection

AED418.95 (tax incl.)

What to Expect:

Shooting long exposure images from a drone can be challenging and requires shooting a lot of images. The goal is to keep the drone stable while the shutter is open (this can be up to 8 seconds). This makes shooting in windy conditions challenging. We recommend shooting long exposure in very calm winds and shooting many images. When you shoot 100 images you should expect 1 or 2 great images from that set. Many of these images will be blurry, this means the drone drifted while the shutter was open. Therefore, you will want to take as many images as possible.

Included Filters:

ND32/PL: The ND32/PL reduces 5-stops of light and also polarizes the scene. This filter can be used for video or longer exposure photos. For video this filter would be used on a sunny day at a lower aperture (f2.8 or f4.0).

ND64/PL: The ND64 filter reduces 6-stops of light and polarizes the scene. The ND64 filter could still be used for video if shooting wide open (f2.8) on a bright sunny day. The other use of this filter is to reduce 5-stops of light for longer exposure photography.

ND128/PL: The ND128 filter reduces 7-stops of light and also polarizes. This filter will be exclusively for shooting photos. You would never use this for video. The ND128 filter is going significantly reduce the light to the sensor allowing you to shoot creative long exposures during the day.

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