Behringer P2 Ultra-Compact Personal In-Ear Monitor Amplifier

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Whether you're a keyboardist, drummer, or other musician whose performance keeps you anchored in one spot, the P2, Ultra-Compact Personal In-Ear Monitor Amplifier from Behringer is designed for you. It is a convenient hard-wired personal in-ear control center with a belt pack that can be used with your favorite headphones, earbuds, or custom-molded professional in-ear monitors (IEMs).

Built with an XLR/TRS combo input connector, it features a locking mechanism to prevent accidental mic cable disconnects. Press on the tab next to the bottom-mounted connector to release the cable at the end of your gig. The P2's XLR input accepts balanced line level signals taken directly from your mixer, which allows you to control the volume of the onboard amplifier.

The internal Mono/Stereo switch lets you choose the mode that best fits your needs. When connecting a headphone output, use the stereo source. If using your mixer's aux send, use the mono source. In addition, the P2 Ultra-Compact Personal In-Ear Monitor Amplifier is built-like-a-tank to be "drummer proof". Featuring an impact-resistant metal chassis, the P2 was made for the road and delivers dependable, high-quality performance.

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